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"My three children have been learning Simply Music with Unmani for over twelve months now and they have loved it. I sit in the lessons, enjoy it a lot and love watching my children learn and express themselves through music. I feel Unmani is a wonderful teacher. She knows how to interact with my kids in a friendly fun way, e.g. kids have to talk politely to the fingers, feet etc. to get into the right position or get the right rhythm. I have found Unmani very passionate and enthusiastic about music which flows out of her every lesson. She is on time, very professional, very welcoming to visiting family members. I can call / text her whenever I need to discuss anything with. Overall I enjoy my kidsí lessons with Unmani. I get to be involved and very hands on which is fantastic."
Sam Gawith

"Unmani has a great rapport with my teenage daughter, she is able to make her laugh and keeps weekly assignments both challenging and realistic. With three other children, it is awesome to be able to have piano lessons in our home ĖIím a very happy mum!"
Philippa de Haan

"What I think is inspirational is that if I don't understand something one way, Unmani will present a different way until I retain it. She always tries another solution to the problem. I think that's terrific!"
Lyell Nagorcka 78 years

"Simply Music is an excellent alternative to the traditional way of learning music and when Unmani introduced it to me I was really excited to learn and experience music in an entirely different way! Lessons are always thorough and really enjoyable with Unmani and the program allows you to adapt to the way of learning at your own pace without feeling pressure! Itís always a positive time and learning is just as much driven by you as it is by Unmani. Simply Music is suited to anyone to play alternatively with a brilliant and competent teacher."
Ellen 16 years

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