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Bridgie, Tash and Ellen having fun at the Christmas Piano Party in Rupanyup Simply Music classes are offered around an area of the Wimmera encompassed by Horsham and Stawell. Traditional students as prior learners are welcome as are total beginners. Lessons are conducted on a Bernstein. Current ages range from four years to seventy eight and everywhere in between. Learning in group situations is recommended for dynamic fun and optimal learning possibilities.
Unmani also teaches several students including Simply Music teachers by Skype, Zoom and phone Victoria wide, interstate and internationally. In July 2016 she presented at an international conference in Seattle on online teaching.


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Piano parties are run five times a year in homes and other venues.This fosters a norm in musical expression - that it be deeply part of community and family life.

Students have been part of the Rupanyup Dirtmusic Festival since its inception several years ago, offering their original compositions and improvs in their own concert. Others staged a concert as part of the Natimuk Arts Frinj Arts Festival ‘Play piano in a 10 week project' in October 2011 where a group of beginners with less than 10 weeks of lessons performed.

The method

Simply Music is a revolutionary, Australian-developed piano learning method that offers a breakthrough in Music education. This remarkable approach has students of all ages playing great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces - immediately - from their very first lessons! Simply Music is based on the premise that all human beings are naturally musical. To find out more about the method, its’ philosophy, its’ curriculum and founder go to www.simplymusic.com

Keen to learn Piano?

Free introductory sessions (approximately 40 minutes in length) are run regularly. Contact Unmani for the next time and place. These sessions provide you with a history of the method, demonstrations of pieces, an example of a song being taught, what the program has to offer, how it differs from other methods and much else.


Unmani also teaches violin for beginners specializing in the Kato Havas approach, pulling also from her own wide background in music education, and the insights she has gleaned from the in depth teacher training in Simply Music.

Beginner Accordion

Available also.

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Wimmera Piano graduates

Brilliant. Absolutely amazed at the speed my child is learning and retaining complicated pieces.

Sue - Rupanyup

So far it's been fun. We've had lots of laughs. I've learnt to play a list of songs. I have experienced happiness, nerves, excitement and just loved it.

Bern - Marnoo

My teacher is real, inspiring, articulate, friendly and humorous.

Carolyn - Horsham

I am 52 and have never played an instrument before. I cannot believe how much I can play in only 6 months. Simply music, simply fantastic.

Les Harding - Horsham